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Personalized Power Supply Plan For PoE+ Switches

 SunSoont H series PoE+ power supply switches shocked with its powerful features. It not only improves the power of the whole machine and single port, provides multiple PoE power protection, but also has two magical functions during the power supply process: PoE Delay (delayed power supply) and a unique power supply plan function.


PoE Delay (delayed power supply)

When a large number of high-power PoE terminals under the same switch are started at the same time, the voltage on the cable will be too high due to the effect of the instantaneous surge voltage, which may easily cause the terminal to be damaged or unable to start. SunSoont H series PoE+ power supply switches are different from ordinary PoE switches, which can arrange the access equipment to start up in batches. At the same time, the number of startup equipment is reduced, which reduces the impact of surge voltage and ensures the normal startup of all PoE equipment.


PoE power supply plan

The SunSoont PoE+ switch has a built-in power supply plan function, which can independently set the PoE power supply cycle, or only supply power to the designated port terminal equipment. It not only saves energy, but also can set flexible usage methods according to actual situation. Taking the school operation scenario as an example, in order to ensure the normal rest of the students, it can be set to stop powering the wireless AP from 11 o'clock in the evening to 6 o'clock the next day, and power supply normally during the rest of the day. Considering that there are students who need to stay up late to study at night, you can set up a switch to only supply power to the AP in the dormitory study room to ensure that students can use the network normally in the study room. This function not only meets the needs of students using the network and saves electricity, but also provides rest time for terminal equipment, which is more conducive to prolonging the service life of the equipment.

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